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NEW - Diesel, Sunset Suburbia Vol. 2 - Clear Green 10"

NEW - Diesel, Sunset Suburbia Vol. 2 - Clear Green 10"


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After a stellar 2018 which saw Diesel release his long awaited Greatest Hits album and national tour, Diesel has now commenced the Sunset Suburbia project.

Sunset Suburbia takes the shape of 3 EPs with 4 brand new songs on each, to be released over the next 9 months.

Diesel says, “I’ve really enjoyed doing it this way as it elongates the recording process, allowing for each EP to take on a special unique quality. I’ve always been a bit bummed when getting to the end of making a record and this in a way delays gratification, making 3 “mini albums” on the way to an LP.

The first of these EPs, Volume I, was released on 2 August. And now, Volume II will be released on 8 November.

Pressed on green vinyl. Each 10" vinyl EP is individually numbered.



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