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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Frank Black, Frank Black Orange LP

NEW - Frank Black, Frank Black Orange LP


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Debut solo album from Pixies frontman Black Francis. Originally released in 1993 via 4AD, after the break-up of the Pixies.

First US pressing on LP - orange vinyl.

1. Los Angeles 

2. I Heard Ramona Sing 

3. Hang On To Your Ego 

4. Fu Manchu 

5. Places Named After Numbers 

6. Czar 

7. Old Black Dawning 

8. Ten Percenter 

9. Brackish Boy 

10. Two Spaces 

11. Tossed (Instrumental Version) 

12. Parry The Wind High, Low 

13. Adda Lee 

14. Every Time I Go Around Here 

15. Don't Ya Rile 'Em

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