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NEW - Harmonia & Eno 76, Tracks And Traces LP

NEW - Harmonia & Eno 76, Tracks And Traces LP


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Tracks and Traces is a collaborative album by German kosmische supergroup Harmonia (featuring Neu! guitarist Michael Rother and Cluster members Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius) and British musician Brian Eno, initially credited to Harmonia '76. Eno joined the group at Harmonia's studio in Forst, Germany for the September 1976 recording sessions.

The results remained unreleased until November 1997, when they were compiled by the American Rykodisc label (originally in Germany by the label S3, remastered by Eric Spitzer-Marlyn and Othmar Eichinger).

In 2009, a reissue featuring additional tracks and alternate artwork was released, this time credited to Harmonia & Eno '76.


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