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NEW - Slotface, Empire Records Double EP LP

NEW - Slotface, Empire Records Double EP LP


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The new EP is an intriguing melting pot of influences and ideas, with tracks ranging from the 90’s indie rock tendencies of ‘Bright Lights’ - to the EP’s title track which stands as nostalgic, excitable ode to record shops of a bygone era. 

SLØTFACE revel in their ability to write music which has a clear, impassioned message - but never shoving their thoughts down the listeners throat. Instead - their music is eloquently coated with a sheen of pop sensibilities, delivered with the snarl of a punk band. 

Speaking on the EP recording process, singer Haley Shea said: “We recorded it at Ocean Sounds in Norway – the most beautiful studio in the world – with our awesome producer, Dan Austin, late last year” - with her going on to say: “The environment and stormy weather when we were recording really helped set the mood.” 

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